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WellSpent Saturday : Save More Tomorrow!

WellSpent Saturday is all about spending your time well

Hey WellSpent Friends!

We love watching inspiring and informative talks on Saturdays. It’s great to just take a step back and think about things. The week is so full and we hardly have any time to think. So Saturday is the day for some WellSpent thinking.

Today we have a really interesting Ted Talk and it deals with the issue of Saving (something you may have realised we are passionate about).

It’s easy to imagine saving money next week, but how about right now? Generally, we want to spend it. Economist Shlomo Benartzi says this is one of the biggest obstacles to saving enough for retirement, and asks: How do we turn this behavioral challenge into a behavioral solution?

We hope that you enjoy the talk and that it inspires you!

We hope that you have enjoyed this short detour. If it has made you think a bit about what you value, please feel free to get in touch. Tweet us with a #WellSpent to @WellSpentZA.

Have a great day!

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