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WellSpent Saturday : More Stuff Won’t Make You Happy

WellSpent Saturday is all about spending your time well

Hey WellSpent Friends!

Saturday’s should be Time-WellSpent, and with WellSpent they can be just that!

Have a look at this short clip from Matt D’Avella, ‘More Stuff Won’t Make You Happy’. It is quite clear that in our current culture of consumerism, we believe that we need more; more money, more stuff, more fame, more likes, more follows. But the question today is ‘How Much Is Enough?’


We hope that you have enjoyed this short detour. If it has made you think a bit about what you value, please feel free to get in touch. Tweet us with a #WellSpent to @WellSpentZA.

Have a great day!

The Editors

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