The TFSA Q & A Series

The Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) Series

WellSpent is pleased to present the Tax Free Savings Accounts Q & A Series.

We love tax free savings accounts and, given the many advantages of TFSA’s, we would like to see more South Africans using this type of investment vehicle.

We know from research that as South Africans we are not very good at savings. Reasons for that may be attributed to a lack of understanding of where to save. TFSA’s are one of the savings vehicles available to all South Africans and are one of the simplest, most accessible investment vehicles available to us.

So we asked some questions

We asked a few questions about TFSA’s and collected answers from some clever people, experts in the world of wealth generation, so that we can share the knowledge with you.  Over the next few articles we would like to share some expert feedback with you so that you can work out for yourself if a TFSA is for you or your family.

Who’s answering the TFSA questions?

We were privileged to receive feedback from


Tax Free Savings Accounts – The Questions

Here are the TFSA questions we put to the experts:-

We trust that the information we have provided is helpful and we would encourage you to engage with us, through our social-media accounts or contact us here if you require any additional information.

The WellSpent Editors.



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