We’re busy putting together a list of great resources to help you manage your money better, get great advice and understand where to start.

Local Personal Finance Blogs we like

WellSpent is a South African personal finance blog with pension, retirement, tax, medical aid, gap cover and general finance information related to South Africans. But, we’re not the only ones in this exciting space and here are some local finance blogs that we like:

Take Charge of Your Money

Maya on Money

The Savings Scientist

Stealthy Wealth

ETF Enthusiast

Tigers on a golden leash

Car Insurance

Naked Insure – go straight to the quote process and get a final quote in under 3 minutes! And the awesome part is that there are no phonically or paperwork needed! I use them myself – The Editor

Understand your Home Loan

A great course showing you exactly how to do all your home loan calculations using Excel. You’ll see how to calculate the exact savings you can make by paying extra into your home loan. Course by Brendan @ Take Charge of Your Money

Home loan calculations course on Udemy (This link includes a discount voucher)