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Oh Lief

Listen to an interview with the founders of Oh-Lief

From passion to award-winning business

Having an entrepreneurial mindset (such as what Vinny Lingham talks about) in all that you do, is something that we at WellSpent will be championing as the months go by. Not everyone may feel that they are positioned to start their own business, and we’re certainly not asking that you do that.

Being an entrepreneur goes beyond that. An entrepreneur shows initiative, innovates and learns from others – all characteristics that make your personal Finance DIY journey easier and more rewarding. From time to time we’ll interview someone who has valuable lessons to share about entrepreneurship. Whether they’ve started a business, started many or simply have a valuable anecdote to share.

Christine and Louiza started their business based on a necessity. It grew patiently and honestly, all the while staying true to what it was that made them undertake this venture in the first place. Not being motivated by anything but the commitment to their product, they have built oh-lief into a formidable brand, so much so that they recently won R1 million in the Standard Bank ‘Think Big’ Challenge as well as having woo’ d over the buyers at Woolworths.

They share some of the challenges they faced, their thoughts on the importance of believing in what you do and what they did with their winnings!

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