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Great reader feedback for WellSpent Late Starter Journey

We love to hear from our readers!

A few weeks ago Brendan, the amazing blogger-guy from Take Charge Of Your Money, interviewed Tebogo. Tebogo is one of the people who’ve been following the Late-Starter Journey. During his interview with Brendan, Tebogo chatted about the difference that Journey-Man has made to him.

This is such great feedback and we wanted to share it with you today.

We aren’t sharing simply because he has great things to say about WellSpent. Yes, we love the kudos but, more importantly, Tebogo is telling a story that every South African should be and could be telling.

This is the South Africa we love!

For me, Tebogo is the kind of guy that is going to fight his way out of debt using all of the South-African Spirit we all have. Yes, times are tough, our beloved Country is in a state of chaos, we don’t have a clue where the politics are heading (maybe you do, we don’t, every day is a bit of s surprise) but the citizens of this Country are amazing. We love to find the silver-lining. Despite what we hear in the ‘mainstream’ media, we meet people like Tebogo all the time.

We just want to encourage you to have a listen. Know that it isn’t too late for you. If Tebogo and Journey-Man can do this, well, so can you.

Here’s the interview, have a listen.

Thanks Tebogo, please keep in touch and let us know how things work out. We’re rooting for you, we’re cheering for you and we’re so impressed and grateful that you  connected with us!

We were so impressed, encouraged and inspired by Tebogo’s honest testimony that we gave him an EasyEquities voucher. We love the EasyEquities Platform so we love to share the love!

Happy Investing Tebogo.

The Editors

PS. If you would like to hear all of the amazing feedback that Tebogo has given to Take Charge Of Your Money why don’t you have a listen to the other interviews here:-

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