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Hugo Nelson

Interview with an expert. Hugo Nelson

Savings & Asset Management

Some fantastic advice and insight into some basic principles of personal finance from a very humble and extremely knowledgeable expert. Hugo Nelson is the former CEO of Coronation Fund Managers and we’re really thankful for his time and great advice!

Listen to Hugo state some obvious but almost always overlooked truths about ‘spending less than you earn‘, something we’ll touch on in the weeks to come. Hugo talks about the concept of Finance DIY and the role of financial advisors in your personal finance journey. The concept of compounded costs that offer no value is also introduced, which as you will later see, is one of the driving forces in your investment returns.

We were lucky enough to get so much great advice from Hugo that we could put together two interviews. The second will be released further along in your financial journey when we’ve had a chance to explain a few more financial principles to you.

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