Are Financial Advisors worth it?

An article on Financial Advisors, Trust, and accepting some humility

Money is a funny thing. When you don’t have it, you stress about paying the bills – when you do have it, you worry that you’re going…

How to not screw up your short-term insurance

Because it's so easy to do

One thing we haven’t talked much about here at WellSpent is short-term insurance. Not that it isn’t important – far from it. We had up until now…

Private medical costs might be heading to the moon

TL;DR Gap cover is still cheaper than a space suit

People are often understandably skeptical about financial products that are suggested to them. Prior mis-selling of financial products (although mainly on the investment side), destroyed a large…

Money is the bubble that never pops

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and the future of global finance

Rather than let you hear about Bitcoin from a friend of a friend who is a bit of a geek, we thought we’d put together an easy-to-understand…

How much should I have saved for retirement by now?

Take charge, and be your own hero!

In a prior article we wrote a while back, we talked about how much you might need to retire. The focus then was on how much you…

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